Eternum Energy Ventures (EnVent) is a for-profit social enterprise based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Established in October 2012 as Dungo Energy Solutions , a dedicated solar energy products distribution company was registered as Eternum Energy Ventures in October 2013


We serve Ethiopia's poor rural households - they are our only focus.  We bring and distribute approved solar lanterns and solar home systems to those who continue to survive with only kerosene for light.


We are direct distributors for Villageboom, Yake SolarYandiya Solar, Prakruthi Power One Degree Solar and others.

One of our $26 Money Saver Solar Light reduces energy use by 80 percent, saves rural households $60 a year in fuel costs and reduces indoor air pollution.

We also develop GHG emission reduction projects and trade carbon credits with companies working in industrialized countries such as the European Union through CDM projects.



About Us

Lighting up Rural Ethiopia by eliminating the use of kerosene

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We distribute solar products designed to reduce and conserve energy usage.

  • Kirkos Sub City, Woreda 09
    HN 225
    Addis Ababa
    P.O.Box 46847

We deliver solar energy to those earning less than a dollar a day